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Healthy Soils = Healthy Plants = Healthy Environment = Healthy Society Developing Vermicompost is an Initiative taken by the company in order to produce enough organic manure so as to reduce the dependence and usage of chemical fertilizers. Promoting sustainable development and environment friendly practices on the tea estate, the company is discouraging the usage of abrasive, harmful and high residue chemicals. We have initiated an environment friendly scheme of composting organic matter by use of earthworms. The breeding and propagation of earthworms and the use of its casting has become an important method of waste recycling throughout world.

Advantages of Vermicomposting:

  • Vermicompost is an ecofriendly natural fertilizer prepared from biodegradable organic waste and is free from chemical inputs
  • It does not have any adverse effect on soil, plant and environment
  • It improves soil aeration, texture and tilth thereby reducing soil compaction
  • It improves water retention capacity of soil because of its high organic matter content
  • It improves better root growth and nutrient absorption
  • It improves nutrient status of soil - both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients
  • Increased disease resistance in plants: healthier plants are less vulnerable to pests and disease, in turn reducing pesticide use

Soil Conservation

The Company promotes methods of growing tea using sound environmental practices that encourage bio-diversity and healthy soils. We practice soil and water conservation through vermi composting and soil rehabilitation by planting green crops.

We have been undertaking Uprooting & Replanting programme in a phased manner since the early 1995's. We feel that to optimize the yield of the tea estates, the low yield sections and the sections above 50 years age needs to be uprooted and replanted

Protection of Environment

Our uprooting program allows us to use the wood from the tea bushes otherwise useless to us and provide this as firewood to the workers minimizing the environmental damage and trying to maintain the natural balance in the eco system.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact from the use of pesticides and herbicides by only using environmentally friendly chemicals that excludes Ethion, Tetradifon, Monocrotophos, etc. and so eliminate even small traces of harmful residues. We ensure, through strict management supervision, that tight controls are achieved for both the methods of application and the frequency of use of universally approved chemicals, so the effect on our tea gardens' indigenous flora and fauna is minimised.